Eu Tenho um Sonho

Retratos de 15 jovens moradores da favela da Rocinha, fixados em paredão localizado na própria comunidade. Os depoimentos nos quais os jovens falam sobre seus sonhos podem ser escutados durante a apreciação das imagens.

Imagem: impressão Lambe-lambe, 236 X236 cm, colados diretamente no muro.

Áudio: acessável por celular, tablet ou computador, conectados à internet e ativados por QRcode. 


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I Have a Dream

Photography Exhibition


 “I Have a Dream”




Edu Simões, a photographer from São Paulo, presents his newest work called “I have a dream”. It consists of 15 portraits of teenagers and young adults who live in Rocinha, one of Rio’s many favelas. Edu’s Project has received the 2012 Marc Ferrez photography prize and it’s now a part of Foto Rio 2013.


The portraits will be displayed in an open air space inside Rocinha, at Estrada da Gávea, 199. The exhibition opens on Saturday, 15th of June, at 15:00.


Edu Simões’ project was inspired by Martin Luther King’s famous speech “I have a dream”. (In August, 2013, it will be 50 years since this historic moment took place).


Another source of inspiration for Edu was the certainty that a young person who listens to his or her dreams, and believes in them, will encounter a powerful, transforming energy.


These were the thoughts that accompannied Edu into the universe of one of the most famous Brazilian favelas to capture the image and the sound of some of its inhabitants.


These large scale portraits, nearly 8-feet high, will be displayed in large wall in Rocinha, affixed there by a technique known as “lambe-lambe”. Those who visit the exhibition will be able to use their phones to read the QR code displayed next to each photograph and listen to the subject of that photograph telling their story. It is also possible to access the photographs and their subject’s stories on the website:


In this project, the favela is transformed into a gallery space, reversing the recurring trend of photographers who capture images of favelas to then export them to museums and galleries. In the exhibition “I have a dream”, the museum in the favela itself.


Links: FotoRio2013